Why Klima is The Best Home Assistant

In the age of smart living, having a home assistant that seamlessly integrates with your daily life is essential. Klima is a smart thermostat that not only transforms your mini-split,  air ductless air conditioner or heat pump into a smart device but elevates your home climate control experience to a whole new level.

What is a Home Assistant?
A home assistant is a smart program designed to control various devices in your home, ranging from lights to your AC or heating system. These assistants are accessible through mobile apps, offering convenience and control at your fingertips.

Klima by Boldr
Klima stands out as a top-tier home assistant, specializing in the transformation of your existing ductless air conditioner or heat pump into a smart device through mobile phone control. Klima in the hallway
Key features of Klima 
Let's explore the key features that make Klima the best choice for your home climate needs. 
Klima's location-sensing technology automatically adjusts your home climate, switching off your mini split when the last person leaves and preparing a comfortable atmosphere for the first person's arrival. Perfect climate, always. 
Cost Monitoring and Energy Efficiency
Stay in control of your energy bills with Klima. Monitor real-time consumption, receive accurate bill predictions, and take charge of your energy usage to save on costs of up to 30%.
Smart Scheduling for Daily Comfort
Align your home climate with your busy schedule using Klima's smart scheduling feature. Set up room-by-room schedules to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day.
Klima in a bedroomRemote Access
Access Klima's smart features from anywhere with remote access. Take full control of your home climate, ensuring the temperature is just right, no matter where you are. 
Smart Zoning for Personalized Comfort
Make your home climate work for everyone. Use Klima's smart zoning to adjust comfort levels on a room-by-room basis, reducing energy waste and increasing efficiency. 
Open Window Detection
Klima is intuitive. It detects open windows and automatically turns off your ductless AC, saving your hard-earned money and ensuring efficient energy usage.
Klima in a hallwayAppliance Health Monitoring
Worried about your ductless AC's health? Klima keeps an eye on your appliance and provides insights if something goes wrong, ensuring a longer lifespan and fewer disruptions. 
Guest Access and Guardian Mode
Share Klima's smart experience with your family and guests through our Guest Access feature in the Boldr App. Additionally, set temperature limits with Guardian Mode to protect both the environment and your wallet. 

Is Klima Compatible with Your AC?
Klima boasts compatibility with over 10,000 ductless AC models. If your AC or Heat Pump uses a remote control with a display, Klima can elevate your home climate control. We are compatible with a plethora of popular AC’s brands ranging from Daikan to Fujitsu and Toshiba, LG and much more!  

Klima’s Compatibility with Other Smart Home Devices
Klima was designed to be easy to set up and operate with working on WiFi or Thread communication protocols. We also went one step further and ensured Klima is fully Matter Compatible, making it a future-proof device in your smart home with advanced integrations. Klima is compatible with Apple Home, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  Klima on a wallKlima is not just a smart thermostat; it's a comprehensive home assistant that brings intelligence and efficiency to your home climate control. Make the smart choice today and transform your living space with Klima.
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