Mastering Summer Comfort: Your Guide to Optimal AC Temperature and Savings

Summer's scorching heat demands a well-calibrated AC setting for both comfort and efficiency. Here's a concise guide on choosing the ideal temperature, considering various factors, and making the most of smart AC controllers like Klima.

Optimal Temperature Range
Setting the right temperature during summer is pivotal. Experts suggest a range of 71.6°F to 78.8°F for a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Humidity also matters. In areas with high humidity, slightly lowering the setting helps prevent the accumulation of excess moisture. On the other hand, in drier regions, a slightly higher setting ensures comfort while still maintaining energy efficiency. Factors to Consider when setting your AC temperature
Comfort Preferences: Tailor the temperature to your comfort level, but remember that minor adjustments can lead to substantial energy savings. During the hot season, setting your air conditioner 1°C warmer could reduce the amount of electricity used by almost 10%.
Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Using a smart AC controller can help you maximize energy savings. Klima helps you save up to 30% on energy bills, protecting your wallet and the environment. 

Room Usage: Adjust the temperature based on room usage. Less-frequented spaces can be set slightly warmer. Additionally, if the room is not occupied, it is recommended to turn off its AC to save energy.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency
Optimal Range: Stick to the recommended temperature range of 71.6°F to 78.8°F for a blend of comfort and savings.
Preventing your home from overheating: Keep your rooms in your home cool by using shades during hottest parts of the day to avoid your home overheating.
Smart Scheduling: Utilize Klima’s Smart Scheduling feature to stay comfortable during the summer. For instance, you can schedule your AC temperature to be lower when you’re sleeping and higher during the day to ensure energy efficiency and comfort!
Cost Monitoring: Klima’s real-time cost prediction helps you stay financially savvy. Monitor consumption and get accurate bill projections using the Boldr Energy app. Impact on Personal and Physical Health:
Your AC temperature isn't just about comfort; it influences your well-being:
Sleep Quality: A well-regulated temperature enhances sleep quality, allowing for restful nights. Experts suggest 65°F is the optimal temperature for a good night's sleep during summer nights.
Productivity: Optimal temperatures foster better concentration and productivity. Experts have recommended AC temperatures of 75°F to 80.5°F to increase productivity indoors.
Allergies and Mold: The right temperature prevents allergen and mold growth, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Keeping your AC temperature between 68°F and 74°F prevents the growth of mold.

Heat-Related Risks: keeping your home cool prevents any heat related risks that arise during the summer like dehydration.

Choosing the right AC temperature during summer requires a balance between comfort, efficiency, and health considerations. With Klima, you can effortlessly optimize your AC settings, leading to enhanced comfort, cost savings, and a positive impact on both your wallet and the environment any season of the year.

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