Connecting your Nest or Ecobee Smart Thermostat to a Mini Split

Are you one of the many homeowners who own a mini split air conditioner or an air-to-air heat pump and are struggling to connect it to your Google Nest thermostat or Ecobee smart thermostat? The process can be quite challenging, often requiring add-ons and DIY electrical work. But what if we told you there's an easier and more convenient solution? Meet Klima, your plug-and-play smart thermostat companion that simplifies the entire integration process. In this article, we'll explore the challenges of connecting your mini split A/C or air-to-air heat pump to Google Nest or Ecobee and introduce you to the effortless alternative - Klima.

The Challenge of Connecting Mini Split A/Cs and Heat Pumps to Smart Thermostats

Mini split A/Cs and air-to-air heat pumps are fantastic HVAC solutions known for their energy efficiency and precise climate control. However, when it comes to integrating them with smart thermostats like Google Nest or Ecobee, homeowners often face several hurdles:

Compatibility Issues: Many mini split A/Cs and heat pumps lack native compatibility with popular smart thermostats, requiring additional hardware and add-ons for integration.

DIY Electrical Work: Achieving compatibility often involves complex wiring and DIY electrical work, which can be daunting for many homeowners and may require professional assistance.

Limited Features: Some integrated setups may not unlock the full range of energy-saving and smart features that homeowners desire.

klima smart thermostat

Introducing Klima - Your Plug and Play Smart Thermostat for Mini Split Control

At Boldr, we understand the challenges homeowners face when trying to make their mini split A/C or air-to-air heat pump smarter. That's why we've developed Klima, the ultimate plug-and-play smart thermostat solution that simplifies the entire process and enhances your home's climate control.

Key Benefits of Klima:

Easy Installation: Klima's installation process takes just 3 minutes, with no need for complicated wiring or DIY electrical work. It's a true plug-and-play solution that anyone can install.

Universal Compatibility: Klima is designed to work with all mini split A/Cs and air-to-air heat pumps, ensuring compatibility without the need for additional add-ons. Klima supports over 10,000 air conditioning models equipped with a remote control featuring a display. 

Smart Features: Once connected, Klima unlocks a wide range of energy-saving and smart features, allowing you to control your HVAC system remotely and optimize your home's climate effortlessly.

Improved Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of voice control through Google Nest or Ecobee, scheduling your climate preferences, and receiving energy-saving insights with ease.

Automation: Klima enables automation of your home's climate control, ensuring that your living spaces are always comfortable and energy-efficient.

Multi property management: Whether you have one home, or a portfolio of AirBnB’s. With multi-property management you can be in control of your climate across all your homes from one single location, phone or desktop. With features such as open window detection and location sensing, you can stay calm knowing your energy bills will not spiral out of control. 

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Ready to upgrade your mini split A/C or air-to-air heat pump with Klima? Visit our product page at link to Klima product page to learn more and make your home smarter and more comfortable today.