Create a personalized weekly schedule for your AC or Heat Pump with Klima

Air conditioners and heat pumps are essential appliances for maintaining a comfortable home climate during scorching summers and chilly winters. However, the inconvenience of constantly adjusting settings via remote controls or dealing with it’s battery problems can be a hassle. That's where Klima comes to the rescue. With Klima, you can transform your existing AC or heat pump into a smart home device, allowing you to create schedules to control and maintain the perfect home climate from the comfort of your phone. Smart Scheduling with Klima

One of the standout features of Klima is its smart scheduling functionality. This feature enables you to optimize your heating or cooling schedule on a room-by-room basis, ultimately reducing your energy consumption and saving on utility bills as your AC and heat pump operate only when needed. Smart Scheduling allows you to set specific temperatures and other AC settings based on your preferences, ensuring your home remains comfortable at all times. 

How to Create a Personalized Schedule with Klima:
Step 1: Install the Boldr Energy app
Begin by downloading the Boldr app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, putting you in complete control of your heating, cooling, and energy spending by allowing you to control Klima via a smartphone device. 

Step 2: Set up your personalized schedule
Once you have the Boldr app installed, you can easily create a personalized schedule for each room equipped with an AC or heat pump. Follow these instructions to set up your schedule:

  1. Open the Boldr app and navigate to the Smart Scheduling section.
  2. Select the room you want to schedule.
  3. Choose the days and times you want the AC or heat pump to operate for that specific room.
  4. Adjust the desired temperature settings for each time slot to ensure optimal comfort. You can even set a temperature mode for each room. An example of this would be our eco mode option, which helps you save energy.
  5. Finally, add the room to the time slot and enjoy a comfortable home climate that's energy efficient!
Example of Smart Scheduling in Action:
Let's consider an example scenario where you want to ensure your home is cool when you arrive from work using Klima’s Smart Scheduling feature:
  • Open the Boldr app and select the room where your AC is located.
  • Create a new schedule for weekdays, selecting the time you usually arrive home from work.
  • Set the temperature to a comfortable level to cool the room before you arrive to save you the discomfort of coming home to an overheated room.
  • Repeat the process for other rooms if necessary. 

Benefits of Using Klima's Smart Scheduling:
Energy Savings: By scheduling your AC or heat pump to operate only when needed, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and lower your electricity bills by 30% with Klima.
Customized Comfort: Smart Scheduling allows you to tailor the climate settings for each room according to individual preferences and needs, making everyone happy. 
Convenience: With Klima, you no longer have to manually adjust your AC or heat pump settings constantly. The smart schedule takes care of it for you. Add comfort to your busy schedule with Klima's smart scheduling feature.Creating a personalized schedule for your AC or heat pump with Klima is a simple and effective way to enhance your home comfort, save on energy costs, and enjoy the convenience of a smart home device. By connecting Klima to your A/C and following the easy steps outlined above, you can easily optimize your heating and cooling schedule to suit your lifestyle and ensure a perfect home climate, always.

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