Klima Vs. Other Smart Controllers For A/C’s - What Is The Best Choice

In today’s market, there are numerous smart controllers for mini-splits and ductless A/C systems, including well-known brands like Sensibo, Mysa, Tado, and Cielo. 

However, Klima stands out as the superior choice for a variety of compelling reasons. Let’s explore what makes Klima the best option for your home.

First, What Is Klima? 

Klima is our smart thermostat designed to transform your traditional A/C units, mini-split’s, window A/Cs, or heat pumps into intelligent devices that you can control via your mobile phone.

Boldr energy appComprehensive Access to Smart Features – No Extra Cost

One of our distinctive differences is Klima’s inclusive approach to smart features. 

Unlike many competitors who charge extra fees to unlock their full range of capabilities, Klima offers free access to all its smart features. We recognize the frustration of purchasing a device only to face additional charges to fully utilize it. 

With Klima, once you’ve made your initial purchase, you have unrestricted access to all its advanced functionalities at no extra cost. Furthermore, Klima is often priced lower than most other A/C controllers, making it a more budget-friendly option right from the start.

Physical Controls for Enhanced Convenience

Many smart controllers on the market today do not come with a set physical controls, requiring users to rely solely on a mobile app to control their A/C. 

This can be inconvenient, especially in settings like AirBnBs, where homeowners might want to monitor and control energy consumption while also providing guests with the ease of manual adjustments. 

Klima addresses this issue by incorporating physical controls directly on the device. This dual control method—through the device itself and the Boldr Energy app—offers flexibility and convenience, ensuring a seamless user experience for both homeowners and guests!

Klima smart controller for A/C’sPremium Build Quality

While many A/C controllers are constructed from plastic and other low-cost materials, Klima takes a different approach. 

It is built using premium, low-carbon materials, featuring an aluminum exterior and mirrored glass. This not only ensures durability and longevity but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space, while providing practical energy-saving benefits

Seems like a win-win to us!

Klima smart controller for A/C’sFlexible Placement 

Unlike other smart controllers for A/C’S, Klima offers flexibility in terms of placement, giving you flexible placement options of our controller. 

You can choose to hardwire Klima to mount it on the wall, providing a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. 

Alternatively, Klima can be placed on a specially designed dock, the perfect companion for those who prefer a rent-friendly and easy-to-install option. 

With its magnetic click attachment, the Klima Dock securely holds your device, providing a stylish and functional display option.


Choosing the right smart controller for your A/C is crucial for optimizing comfort, efficiency, and overall user experience. 

Klima excels in every important aspect - it provides free access to all its smart features, offers the convenience of physical controls, and is constructed from high-quality materials that’ll last for years to come.

To explore more about Klima and see how it can transform your A/C management, visit the Klima product page.