The Perfect Place to Install Your Infrared Heater

When it comes to electric infrared heaters like Kelvin, understanding the principles of infrared radiation is crucial for optimizing their performance and allowing you to heat your home effectively! In contrast to conventional convection heaters, infrared heaters operate through direct heat transfer, offering a unique efficiency that is unaffected by air movement or heat loss through draughts. However, achieving the best results with Kelvin infrared heaters requires strategic placement, to allow for efficient heat coverage in your home.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Where to Install Your Infrared HeaterInfrared heating in corners
Avoid Placing your Infrared Heater in an Annex or Corners
To illustrate the importance of proper placement, let's explore an example of a living room layout. Avoid the temptation to install infrared heaters in annexes or tucked-away corners, as this might obstruct the heater's line of sight. Placing infrared panels in alcoves, as shown in an example above, demonstrates how surrounding walls can impede the spread of heat, leading to less effective warming of the intended space. 
Infrared heater in front of a window

Avoid Placing your Infrared Heater in Front of a Window
Similarly, positioning a larger infrared panel, Like Kelvin, towards bay windows may cover a broader area but can create temperature disparities, particularly for seating areas farther from the wall. Additionally, some caution against pointing panels directly at windows due to potential heat loss. While modern windows reflect heat back into the room, older single-glazed windows may lead to quicker heat dissipation through the glass.

Avoid Obstruction
Ensure your infrared heater is not obstructed by furniture or placed in corners where it cannot radiate heat effectively. Also make sure to install your heater in areas that are most frequently used to maximize its effectiveness.

Best Locations for Infrared Panels
Best location to install your infrared heaterTo optimize the performance of infrared heaters, consider your chimney breast, where your fireplace is located, and the wall space adjacent to the door as ideal installation locations. Placing an infrared panel on these surfaces allows more heat to be directed into the room, ensuring better absorption and retention by surrounding furnishings and walls. 

By avoiding direct facing of the glazing, any minor heat loss through windows can be minimized. Mounting the infrared panel onto the chimney breast emerges as a favorable option, directing the majority of radiant warmth into the main occupancy area. This strategic placement also minimizes heat usage in less-occupied spaces around doors or bookcases, enhancing both efficiency and comfort.
Kelvin in a living roomProper placement of infrared heaters, like Kelvin, is essential for unlocking their full potential in terms of efficiency and comfort. By avoiding common mistakes and selecting optimal locations, you can ensure a more uniform distribution of warmth within your home. Whether mounted on chimney breasts or strategic wall spaces, Kelvin can seamlessly blend functionality with modern aesthetics, offering an eye-catching solution to heating needs.
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