The Health Benefits of Infrared Heating This Winter

With winter around the corner, our immune systems are preparing to battle the common cold and flu that come out around this time of the year. While colds are inevitable, infrared heaters can help support your immune system and provide a range of health benefits. 

How Infrared Heating Protects Your Immune System
Say Goodbye to Allergies
Traditional heaters circulate air as they warm a room, inadvertently stirring up dust, germs, pollen, and mites. For those with respiratory conditions like asthma, this can be a serious issue. Infrared heaters on the other hand, targets specific objects in your home, such as walls, sofas, and even you. By doing so, it avoids the circulation of dust and pollen, reducing triggers for respiratory conditions. With infrared heaters, you can breathe easy knowing that your indoor air quality is clear and protected.
Eliminate Damp Walls and The Risk of Mold
Warm air naturally holds more moisture than cold air. This means that the warm air emitted by traditional heaters can lead to dampness on your walls, creating a breeding ground for harmful mold. The presence of mold in your household poses serious risks to your health, potentially leading to infections, respiratory issues, and allergies. Infrared heating provides continuous, gentle warmth even when not in use. This allows for the walls of the rooms where infrared heating is operating to remain dry.
Support Your Immune System With Infrared Heaters
infrared heating doesn't just warm the air; it sends warmth directly to objects in your home and your body. This natural absorption of warmth aids in the regeneration of red blood cells and increases the production of white blood cells. This powerful immune-boosting effect helps your body fend off the seasonal flu and colds that winter brings.
Kelvin - The Future of Home Heating
Kelvin is a cost effective, smart electric heater, designed to help you reduce energy consumption, save money and live more sustainably. Every Kelvin comes included with a truly wireless smart thermostat and access to the Boldr mobile app, allowing you to take advantage of Kelvin's smart features. 

How Kelvin Protects your Immune System and Health
Kelvin helps protect your immune system from allergens. Unlike traditional heaters, Kelvin is an infrared heater, which means that it doesn't heat the room in the conventional way. Kelvin heats objects rather than circulating air, preventing the movement of dust particles and pollen that can be found in rooms with traditional heaters. This means that as you enter a room, you aren’t breathing in pollen and other dust particles that would be circulating in the air if you were to use a traditional heater. Kelvin is designed to prevent any potential mold growth in your home. Its infrared heating technology penetrates walls, providing a continuous, gentle warmth even when the heater is not in use. This effectively dries out walls, eliminating any potential for dampness and mold growth.

Incorporating Kelvin into your living space provides essential support for your immune system during winter. It aids in processes such as blood cell regeneration, protects against allergens, and prevents mold growth in your home.
As the temperatures drop and the threat of seasonal illnesses looms, it's crucial to invest in tools that not only keep you warm but also prioritize your health this winter. By eliminating allergens, preventing dampness, and supporting your immune system, Kelvin goes above and beyond the call of duty. Don't wait until the first sniffles appear and buy Kelvin to protect your health and home. To learn more about Kelvin and experience its benefits for yourself click on the link below.