Why Using Infrared Heat During Workouts is Beneficial

Not only are infrared heaters good at warming up your home and making it cozy, it also works wonders in providing support to your body during hot yoga sessions and intense workouts. It is the perfect addition to your at-home gym and these are the reasons why. 

Focused Heating without Warming the Air
Traditional heating methods warm the air in a room, which is not ideal during intense workouts as it takes longer for the heat to be absorbed by your body. Kelvin's infrared heating panels operate differently. They emit far infrared heat that travels directly to people and objects, bypassing the need to heat the entire room. This targeted approach ensures that energy is efficiently used to warm those who benefit from it, making it an excellent fit for yoga rooms and at-home gyms.
Kelvin heaterMuscle Support and Flexibility 
Far infrared heat, like the heat produced by Kelvin, is easily absorbed by the human body, mimicking the natural heat exchange that maintains consistent body temperature. During exercise, this form of heat penetrates deep into muscles, promoting flexibility and helping prevent muscle-related injuries. Infrared heat is able to relax muscles and relieve spasms which is also extremely beneficial for your post workout recovery. This is why Infrared heaters like Kelvin are commonly found in hot yoga studios and home gyms where muscle support is crucial for an effective workout. 

Gentle and Comfortable Heat
Unlike traditional convection heat, which can create a stuffy and overwhelming atmosphere due to the high levels of energy in the air as traditional heat warms the air instead of objects, infrared heat is gentler. As our bodies naturally warm up during exercise, Kelvin's infrared heating panels ensure that the ambient temperature remains comfortable. Kelvin warms up objects and people, not the air, meaning that there is less energy being stored in the air. This gentler form of heat prevents the gym environment from feeling excessively warm, offering a more pleasant workout experience.

Kelvin By Boldr
Kelvin is a cost-effective and smart infrared electric heater designed not only for warming up homes but also for optimizing hot yoga sessions and gym workouts. Kelvin's far infrared heat provides support to your muscles and can be used any time of the year, whether it be for hot yoga or an intense workout.
Kelvin comes equipped with smart features that allow users to manage settings seamlessly from their phones, without interrupting their workout or yoga routine. This ensures that you can focus on your exercise without worrying about the heating settings and having to stop your exercise to walk back and forth to the thermostat.

Kelvin's infrared heating panels offer a plethora of advantages and benefits to using infrared heat during your workouts and yoga sessions, creating an environment that enhances flexibility, prevents injuries, and supports a more enjoyable exercise routine.
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