the future of home heating

KELVIN delivers a new standard of electric infrared heating backed by a powerful smart home app that helps you save money and live more sustainably

KELVIN delivers a new standard of electric infrared heating backed by a powerful smart home app that helps you save money and live more sustainably

It’s a new era for home heating

FOVI is compatible with any electric heater with a plug and a mechanical on/off switch. To check, follow these steps:

1. Plug your electric heater in and switch it on.
2. Unplug your electric heater and plug it back in.

If the heater continues operating after it's plugged back in, without having to press the on button again, then your electric heater is compatible with FOVI.

Cost Efficient Infrared
KELVIN is built on infrared technology, which is 30% more cost efficient than traditional convection heating
Smart Home features
Control your heating from your phone. Reduce heating costs by up to 50% with smart home features
Plug in & Play
Works straight out of the box, powered by a standard mains socket and with an included wireless thermostat. No expensive installation required
Performance & Peace of Mind
Our KELVIN heaters are maintenance free and their function is constantly being upgraded through software. A heater that improves over time


A smart heater

KELVIN puts you in control of your heating and spending from the comfort of your phone. Backed by the BOLDR app, you can have full control of your home heating wherever you are. Thanks to our constantly evolving software, your KELVIN improves with time. A better experience with every update.
  • Smart zoning
  • Remote access
  • Realtime cost monitoring
  • Smart scheduling
Make your heating work for everyone in the home. Adjust you comfort levels on a room by room basis & waste less energy.
Access the full range of smart features wherever you may be. Remote access give your total control of your heating so that you never have to come back to a cold home.
Stay on top of your bills from the comfort of your phone! Measure your consumption in real time, either room by room or as a house total.
Easily optimise your heating schedule on a room by room basis and cut your heating bills to an absolute minimum.


Every KELVIN heater comes included with a truly wireless smart thermostat. It measures temperature & humidity and requires no wiring or installation. Simply connect it to the app and measure your home temperature to the highest degree of accuracy

Cost efficient


KELVIN uses infrared heating technology to heat your home. Unlike traditional, convection radiators that heat the air, infrared heaters heat objects directly. By not relying on convection heat, a KELVIN can heat a space with up to 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters.
Reliable, always

Ensuring a warm and safe home

KELVIN is backed by years of research and development. An essential part of the R&D process was ensuring KELVIN is certified to the EN 60335-2-30 and EN 60335-1 standards. These certifications ensure KELVIN meets the highest European safety standards. All models also have an IP44 rating allowing them to be used safely in bathrooms and kitchens, where resistance to water splashes and moisture is needed. KELVIN  also complies with the more recent EU Lot 20 Legislation around heating efficiency.

“As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, and the electricity grid becomes cheaper and cleaner, it’s time for an innovative electric heating solution for modern, eco-conscious homeowners.”

Clean design

Constructed with premium materials and high quality finishes, the KELVIN has been engineered for your comfort but designed for your life. Designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into your home, everything you need to get set up in minutes comes included in the box — no unnecessary extras.
Choose the model and finish which best suits your home
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  • Smart Features. No additional hardware required.

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